Pulstar - The Swan Barely RememberS

Science Fiction - Thriller

Three strangers who share a forgotten past confront a vengeance they incited when their bodies weren’t human.

In Astralvia, a nation on the brink, astronomer Jeral Murh’s life is in limbo.

She’s woken from a coma with fresh memories and is certain of two things:

  1. Her past actions are already haunting her present.
  2. She is not entirely human.

She must abscond from Astralvia before an ancient enemy wreaks revenge. Everything is against her. Also, she must find Aris Castilho, her former ally, and make him remember what they once meant to each other. She can’t leave without him.

Will she find Aris and convince him of their common past?

Will they reach Esther, their third ally?

Time is short … the ultimate reckoning is coming … and it’s unthinkable, indescribable—the worst thing that can happen to any human being.

Find out the fate of this trio of allies in this fast-paced sci-fi thriller, where the stunning ending is just the beginning. Get ready to reflect on your place in the cosmos, your raison d’être, and what being human actually means.

Riddled with mystery, suspense, and a smattering of romance, Pulstar I: The Swan Barely Remembers is the enigmatic and addictive first installment in the Pulstar trilogy; although you can also read it as a stand-alone novel. It took over ten years to make and has a soundtrack in production. Watch out for books 2 and 3, due for publication this year.